August 2, 2012

Morning Walk

We've been pretty busy this morning. We dropped Hayden off at school then went to Wal-Mart and Office Depot. After the morning feed we decided to take a nice walk in the neighborhood. She's just easy to do stuff with because she's so scheduled already. And if she does wake up or get fussy she takes a binkie so well that I don't really have to worry about her causing a scene. I do still have to be careful about getting her out too much....I need to give her time to get all of my protective antibodies so that she can stay healthy! I can't wait till it starts to cool down a little in the mornings. That will be perfect for when we start our morning run routine! Hope that she likes the jogging stroller that Matt and Jamie gave us because she's going to be seeing a lot of that very soon-I'm just waiting for my 6 week check up so I can get clearance to start running again.
I am sort of looking forward to Layne going to school on Monday just so we can start to develop our own "new normal" around here.
Schedule Update: Gwynn has continued to do very well with her schedule. She is now able to stay awake during nursing time so that she can eat from both sides (Yahoo!!). She is also able to stay awake after I feed her for a nice little "awake time". By little....I mean little. She would much rather sleep, so I keep her up for about 30 minutes after she eats. That's about all she can stay awake. Then she sleeps for a good 2 hours and most of the time I have to wake her up to start the cycle all over again! Night time has had it's good and bad points. The last two nights it's taken me between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get her to bed. She either wakes up crying about 10 minutes after I feed her or she's just wide awake and doesn't want to go to sleep. It's not too terrible though, because I'm still able to go to bed around 11:30 once she finally settles down. The good news is that she's only woken up ONCE in the middle of the night the past two nights. Two nights ago it was a 5 hour stretch and last night it was a 4 1/2 hour stretch. That's pretty darn good for a 3 week old! She's right about where Layne was when she was Gwynn's age. I do think that Gwynn is a better napper though :)
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