August 29, 2012

Black & Whites

Layne is such a great big sister....Hayden's pretty great too! They are so eager to help out in any way that they can. It's so nice to have them home in the afternoons. I am so blessed to have three amazing children! Layne is telling Gwynn what beautiful soft hair she has in this picture. Gwynn is definitely starting to enjoy the girls company!

Happy bath time. The past two days have been outstanding! Today has been the best. She woke up for her middle of the night feeding at 4am, I fed her again at 6:45 right before we left to take the girls to school. We dropped both girls off at each of their schools and then it was off to the horse park for a run. She was great for that so I decided to go right to the store to grocery shop. She stayed asleep the whole time. Very few tears today and naps were great! No fussing tonight, just smiles and sleep!

This big girl makes her lunch for school every afternoon.....all by herself! Today, the girls even showered by themselves!!

Night night sleeping beauty!
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