August 6, 2012

The Growth....

I am writing most of this above the pictures so that you can decide NOT to look if you'd like. This is going to be a nasty post....WARNING! So, Jeremy has had this nickel sized cyst on his back for as long as I have known him. Not a big deal, never caused him any trouble.....until now! About a week and a half ago it started becoming red, swollen, larger, and painful. He really has tried to hide the pain, but now it's getting pretty unbearable, especially when someone pats him on the back innocently. That happened last night at church and he said that he almost hit the floor because of the pain. Well, I made him an appointment with a dermatologist   (actually as PA at a dermatologists office since the wait to see the actual doctor was 3 weeks!). He goes this morning and I am assuming that they are going to drain it and he'll be done with this growth forever! If you are interested in seeing what it looks like to drain a cyst you can youtube it, I did! Poor Layne was sitting with me while I pulled it up on Jeremy's Kindle. We were both so disgusted. Then Jeremy had to watch it and he was grossed out. Then of course Hayden just had to see it. She could not finish watching it! Jeremy has since passed it on to Philip who is now trying to get everyone to see the video. So gross! I will give you an update on Jeremy's little friend after his appointment. Below are pictures of his back buddy :) Enjoy.  

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