September 13, 2012

Sleepy Baby

Here's the beautiful baby at her 2 month check up yesterday. She was so good in the waiting room. She just sat on my lap and looked all around. I even got a few smiles out of her. She wasn't a big fan of the docotor though. By the time we saw the doctor Gwynn had fallen asleep, so I had to waker her up. And she HATED the shots. It just broke my heart.

She was pretty sleepy until about 4:30 yesterday. I guess it was a side effect from the shot. She just looked really out of it when she was awake. All is back to normal now though. It was nice for me because I LOVED holding Hayden and Layne (when they were little) and rocking them in the glider. Well, Gwynn is so used to being swaddled and falling asleep in her crib that she hate for me to hold her and rock her. Not yesterday though! She was so out of it and sleepy that she fell right to sleep. It was awesome!

Cow girl with pink cow girl books and one pigtail!

Daddy is building a box stand to take to the hunting land. Both John and Jeremy have three kids (only 1 of them is a boy!). They'd like to have a place to take the kids when they go hunting. So, it will be a box stand in the woods.

Gwynn is getting more content every day. She is now starting to like other things other than her playmat! Here she is last night in her bouncy seat. I got this cute little outfit at the consignment sale the other night. Isn't it adorable. I think it was $2!!
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