September 25, 2012


Pappy took a trip up to Pittsburgh to be with Marmee (his mom) while she had surgery. He also rented a truck and took some stuff from her house since it's up for sale. On his way back to Florida he stopped in to hang with the girls and meet Gwynn. He got in just in time for us to go pick up the girls from school. They were super excited! Here's Pappy doing the Tickle Drill on Layner. She just loved it.

Gwynn meet Pappy!

Hayden wanted to show Pappy everything that she was learning in school. They are talking about patterns here.
We decided to venture out to O'Charlie's for dinner last night. I was excited because I've seen their new fried chicken drizzled with honey and I think it looks fantastic! We headed out. Gwynn was great until Jeremy noticed that his pants were wet because Gwynn had had an "explosion". No big deal....we took a girls trip to the bathroom to take care of it. I grabbed my little purse diaper clutch and all the girls and off we went. Well, she got poop everywhere. The clothes could not be worn! I used to have a change of clothes  in the diaper bag in the car, but I just took it out because they were summer. That's great except for the fact that I forgot to replace them with some fall/winter clothes! Then I opened the wipes holder to find that all the wipes were dry! Fortunately, the girls were there and they could get them wet in the sink! I put a new diaper on her and the dirty clothes and we headed back to the table. I decided that I was just going to run across the street to Wal Mart to get her a new outfit. I rushed there and practically ran to the back to the store where the baby clothes are, rush rush hurry hurry. Then I started to look at all the cure baby clothes. I went from one rack to the next just looking for the cutest little outfit every. Just leasurly checking everything out as if there wasn't a care in the world.....what just happened here....I am in a rush! Finally, I snapped out of it and just grabbed one! When I got back I found Gwynn asleep in Jerm's arms. He informed me that she had gas and screamed so loud that he actually had to leave the restaurant twice! The girls said that even when he was outside they could still hear her screaming. Guess stuffed pepper casserole from the night before wasn't a good idea! So, we ate dinner. My fried chicken with honey drizzle was amazing! I then changed Wynnie, finally! It was such a weird experience. It's almost like I forgot what it's like to be a mother of an infant. What was I thinking? Why didn't I have a change of clothes or wet wipes? Such a rookie mistake and I am a mother of THREE! I guess that she's just such an easy baby that I didn't expect anything to go wrong. Oh well, it happens and we all survived.
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