September 23, 2012


We are starting a new curriculum at Discover Kids in October. The coolest thing about this new curriculum is that it's free! Another cool thing is that it's just as awesome as the one that we currently use.....only IT'S FREE! To kick it off we've decided to have 2 contests. One on facebook where your kids dress up as pirates then you take a picture of them and post it to the Discover Kids Parent facebook page. I had to have two entries because I just couldn't decide! The other awesome thing is on October 7th everyone in Discover Kids is encouraged to DRESS LIKE A PIRATE! It's going to be awesome.

How about Gwynn's hook hand! I love it! We got all of this at The Dollar Tree. Except for the vests....I sewed those up real quick. Not the best job, but they will do. Arrrrrr!!
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