September 5, 2012

The Growing Girl

This is what I get to see peaking out of the back of the jogging stroller when I run. Tiny little baby feet!! Love it! She still doesn't mind going on my runs with me, which is awesome. Yesterday once I dropped the girls off at school I decided not to go running because it was sprinkling and looked like there was more rain to come. Later in the morning I decided that it was just going to be an overcast day but it would be safe to run. So, we headed to the Horse Park. I was my halfway point it started to sprinkle and then sprinkle more sprinkles! Fortunately the stroller has a canopy and the car seat has a canopy so Miss Gwynn was not going to get wet! Mommy was soaked by the time we got back to the car though. Oh well.

FINALLY, I got a good one of Gwynn's beautiful smile! Normally when I take the phone/camera out when she's smiling she starts to look at it like it has 10 eyes so it doesn't make for a good picture. But this morning, I GOT IT! Don't you just love that toothless smile?!

She also showed off her grin too.
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