October 15, 2012

Cute Stuff

I HATE Play Doh! But, I don't mind the girls playing with leftover fondant when I am working on a cake. I did a small cake for someone at DP that had made a donation for the Bosnia trip that Jeremy took last year. She had so many ladybug sugar cookies at Layne's 3rd birthday that the thought of getting more made her sick. So, she asked me if I could just make a small cake for her wedding anniversary instead. So....I did. And Layne and Hayden got to play with the fondant. Hayden even took out the cookie cutters and made each of us a special fondant dessert!

I can't believe how great Wynnie is at holding that head up. It doesn't last long and she hates being on her tummy, but she is good at it!

Wynnie and I took a trip the the HUGE consignment sale yesterday to look for a few toys for her. She is starting to get "more active" and I knew I could get some great deals on toys there. She wasn't so sure about this ball that rolls by itself. I think that it kind of freaked her out!

$3 for these adorable little size zero booties! I could not resist!!
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