November 1, 2012


The whole gang! 
Starting at the top left: Micah (belongs to Philip and Angela), Garrett (belongs to Brad and Sandra), Ethan (belongs to David and Lisa), Brady and Connor (Belong to Brad and Sandra), Hannah (belongs to Philip and Angela), and Ryan (belongs to Brad and Sandra). 
Bottom row starting at the left: Lyla and TJ (belong to Tom and Kelly), Gwynn, Layne, and Hayden (mine), Sarah (belongs to Philip and Angela), Ella (belongs to David and Lisa), and Noah (belongs to Michael and Heather). 

Sweet little owl! 

All the owls hanging together. 

This year we had a trailer to travel in!! 

Michael and Heather brought their golf cart so most of the time Jerm and Gwynn rode in that. 
Everything was great while it was light, except for the fact that Layne took a tumble at like the third house! She recovered and continued to trick or treat with the rest of them. Once it got dark though and there were lots of other trick or treaters out there and cars and trailers it just got crazy. We made it back to the house with everyone though!! We ended the night with hot chocolate! Great night. 

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