November 8, 2012

Hydrate, Big Boots, Bangs, Awards, and Doctor

On my long runs I get dehydration headaches so I reached out to my facebook friends to get some advice. I got all sorts of suggestions: sip water as you run, coconut water, Smart water, chocolate milk right after the run, Pedialyte, pickle juice, Nuun, salt the morning of a run.....Sheesh! So, after my 10 mile run last Saturday I got some Pedialyte. Didn't taste great and did a so so job. I guess we'll keep trying :) I'm going to 12 miles this weekend! I've been feeling very tired and achy the last couple of days. I hope this feeling passes soon!!

Daddy ordered new hunting boots and the girls had a great time trying them on!!

They are enormous! Speaking of hunting, it's the rut so Jerm has been in the woods since Wednesday night. He'll be back tomorrow night though :)

This picture sums up Layner. So darn cute but a handful at the same time!

Yay! We are so proud of our little Panther of the Month!

Hayden had her 6 year check up today. She did wonderfully. She's in the 10th percentile for height and weight-no bog shock. She has perfect vision and hearing. Both girls got the flu mist so that they won't get the flu this year and especially so they don't pass it on to Wynnie. Everyone was well behaved and happy. We were in and out of the appointment in 30 minutes. It was awesome! Hopefully it will be that fast when it's just Wynnie and I next week for her 4 month check up.
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