December 14, 2012

Lots Going On!

Grammy has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now. She went in two Mondays ago with severe abdominal pain. They found out that there was a blockage in her intestines. She had surgery that Friday to remove scar tissue and some of her intestines. Now she's working to recover. The update as of right now is that her kidneys are not functioning so she receives dialysis every other day. She is eating solid foods now and physical therapy is having her get up and walk about 50 steps using a walker each day. Making progress! 
Here is a balloon that the girls brought her one day when we went to visit. 

We made these snowmen for Grammy's window at the hospital. 

We also made some snowflakes and Christmas trees. 

Happy baby! She's doing such a great job on her tummy! 

Grandma came in on Wednesday on her way back to Florida from Pittsburgh. She brought my Madame Alexander doll collection with her (half of them are Sep's). I had such a great time on Wednesday night unwrapping all of the dolls. Sep and I would get one from Marmee each year. We have 28 of them! 

Mom also brought some pictures down. I couldn't believe how much Gwynn looks like me! This is me at 4 months! 

On Thursday night we went to Layne's Christmas program. YES, SHE SANG!! This is the first year that she has actually sung at the program! I was so proud of  her!! 

Here's Wynnie playing with one of her toys this morning while I put the girls clothes away. 

She just had to help me put the socks away. 

Such a hard job! 

This afternoon Daddy and Hayden went hunting. Isn't she just the cutest!? She took some video for Layne and I while she was in the woods. It's hysterical. I will have to upload it to the blog! 

While Daddy and Hayden were gone Layne, Gwynn, and I made teacher gifts. 

Gwynn just insisted on being held, so she was my little helper.

Here's the finished product for the teachers! 

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