January 10, 2013

Sleep, Smiles, and Reading!

Look at that precious baby cuddling with her blankie while she sleeps. I know that I say this all the time, but I just adore her. I remember a friend having a conversation with me when I was struggling with the fact that I was pregnant for the third time. The same thing happened to her and she said that I would be able to enjoy her so much more because she was the third and I knew what I was doing and the other two would be in school and it would be special because I knew that she was the last so I would want to take in every single moment. Angela was exactly right!!  
I was thinking the other day about how spoiled little Wynnie is. Then it hit me...I am the spoiled one! I get to spend every single day with this precious little one. Then I get to spend every afternoon and evening with two more precious girls! And even better than that, I get to spend every evening with an amazing husband. God has blessed me is so many ways!! 
Here's Hayden reading me the instructions from the corn bread box the other night. I am just so proud of her. She tries so hard in school and loves every minute of it. She's just so driven and smart but very sweet and tender hearted at the same time.  

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