March 17, 2013

Publix Half Marathon

On Sunday morning we all got up bright and early in order to drive into Atlanta for the Publix Half Marathon. Whit ran the race too, so we picked her up on the way. It was a hilly course, but I finished. Not my best time and not my worst.... 2 hours 26 minutes. Now it's time to start training for my first obstacle course run in May! 

As we were walking the LONG walk back to the parking garage after the race a woman came up to us and asked me if I had run the race. When I told her yes she walked up to me and shook my hand. She told me how great I was for running after having three children and she wanted to remind me about what a great example I am setting for my little ones. It was so nice to hear and I almost started crying right then and there. 

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