May 20, 2013

Rain, Awards, and Happiness!

The other night the girls and I took a walk after the rain. It was so great to get out there and just walk the neighborhood together. Since it had rained the girls really wanted to bring their umbrellas, just in case! 

Always posing for the pictures! 

Ant hill!! First Layne got a tiny little stick and was about the go after the ants.Then she got a longer stick and just tossed it gently on top of the hill. Nothing I picked it up and dug in. The girls were in amazement! So many ants attacking the stick!! 

Hayden had an awards day and she received a lot of awards! We are so proud of her! That afternoon I got an email from her teacher saying that Hayden won the Sportsmanship Award in PE. She explained that it was a REALLY big deal. Only one boy and one girl are picked from each grade level each year! She got a hula hoop and certificate for that and her name will be on a banner in the guy FOREVER! Yahoo Hayden!! 

This is how Wynnie wakes up in the morning and from naps. Wouldn't you love to be like this!?

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