July 23, 2013

10 Year Anniversary Trip!

Yep! July 19th we were married for 10 YEARS!! We decided that we were going to do something special for the occasion. Jeremy flew into Florida on Tuesday night to meet us there and Wednesday I whisked him away on an adventure. It was pretty fun how we planned it. I planned the entire day Wednesday and he planned our overnight stay. 
For my part of the trip we headed to Discovery Cove! It is an amazing day resort that it owned by Sea World (it's actually about 2 miles down the road from Sea World). We checked in at 7:30am and got our Dolphin Swim assignment! Then it was off to breakfast. Next we swam with the dolphins, that was both of our FAVORITE thing about the whole day. We even got to be pulled into shore by a dolphin. It was amazing. 

We relaxed on a hammock together-I don't know that we've ever done that. It was just so nice to stop the business and just enjoy each other with no distractions. 

All of the meals, snacks, and drinks were included for the entire day. This was lunch! 

There was an aviary! We each got little bowl of food so that we could feed the different types of birds. It was cool, but birds are a little creepy and unpredictable. 

Jeremy was the bird whisperer, he was amazing. Those birds loved him! 

I just hoped that they would not come near me! 

We also snorkeled with sting rays and tropical fish in a "reef". That lasted for about 10 minutes (well, it took me about 20 minutes to get up enough courage to actually snorkel). The sting rays just freaked me out! 
We also lounged in a lazy river and sat in a nice warm pool that had built in seats! It was a nice relaxing anniversary trip. 

Then it was off to our hotel. The Omni and Champion Gate!! This was the BACK of the building. Who puts an amazing water fountain in the back!?! 

There was a pool with a water slide, a lazy river, a pool for adults, a pool for little ones, and a little soaker pad with water fountains! 

Spray on Sun Tan Lotion machine anyone?! 

The resort also had about 5 or 6 restaurants in the building, a golf course, "state of the art" workout facilities,  and tons of other awesome stuff. That night we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant downstairs and then came upstairs to an upscale sports bar for dessert! 

Here's the golf course that I ran through the next morning. 

One last dip before we headed back to the babies....who had been battling Wynnie's virus. Poor Hayden and Layne had been throwing up since the night before. Thankfully, nurses Grandma and Pap took good care of them. Such good care of them that they even got the virus a few days later :( Wynnie stayed with Johnny and Mwende. They loved the glimmer of hope and the promise of the good times to come. Taylor is 5 months old and hasn't gotten to that awesomely fun and easy stage yet. They were able to experience it with Wynnie though! 

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