July 31, 2013

Nervous Shopper!

I am very nervous about this marathon. It's like I was telling Lisa the other day....the only frame of reference when it comes to running is a half marathon. I just can't wrap my mind around doubling that! It makes me scared. But at the same time before I started training for a half I am sure that I felt the same way about the thought of running 13.1 miles. Now, it is totally doable since I have trained for and completed a bunch. I just have to have faith in the plan and know that if I complete the training I will be able to complete the marathon....God willing! 

This is a foam roller. It is supposedly a MUST HAVE for runners. It massages the muscles before and after runs. I will be honest....it's painful, but it works! 
My new fuel belt! It really is a MUST HAVE for long runs. It holds your energy-water, energy drink. fuels.....
The back view. Love it! 
Normally, for a half I take one gel at about 7 miles in and that's it other than the water/sports drink stations along the way. Since I am training for a full I have to figure out what works for my body and that distance. So, it's time to experiment on the long runs once a week. You'd think that since I take one gel during a half I would just take 2 gels during a full. Doesn't work that way though! 

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