October 29, 2013

This sweets toppers display is just too tempting for little Wynnie! Fortunately, she has not broken any of the jars....yet! 

Aunt Jamie made the girls shirts to wear at Hayden's games! Layne's says "Hayden's Biggest Fan" and Wynnies says, "Hayden's Littlest Fan". I am just in love with them!! Thank you so much!! 

Aunt September got Hayden a science kit for her birthday. The other day we did our first science experiment. Fizz Frenzie. 

We got to see how citric acid and baking soda interacted with warm water vs cold water. 

The girls can not wait to do our next experiment! 

Daddy rented this "toy" the other day so that he could dig out part of the hillside to make room for a storage shed for his crawlspace supplies. 

What a sweet guy....sent me flowers just because! 

Oh yes, Layne the little fashionista! She picked out this entire outfit! 

The girls were playing with some zoo animals on Saturday. Wynnie was more interested in eating them! 

Layne with her fellow insect friend at Trunk or Treat on Saturday. 

Wynnie enjoying a lollipop....she ended up getting SO sticky and nasty!!

Our little kitty, ladybug, and Super Girl! 

A little kitty nose and whiskers! 

Sunday morning Hayden, Layne and I got up super early to go pick Whitney up and head to volunteer for the Atlanta Marathon. Whit thought that it would help inspire and motivate us for our marathon in TWO WEEKS! She fixed the girls hot cocoa and snacks! 

We stood around and told the cars to slow down and cheered on the runners. 

Layne would scream with a high pitched scream so that she could sounds like a whistle. It was loud! 

The best sight of the day!! 

We carved pumpkins on Sunday night. Wynnie enjoyed eating the seeds more than anything! 

Searching for seeds.

So gross! 

Really really gross!! 

What about the actual pumpkin....how does that taste?! 

Monkey see....monkey do! 

How about the cotton from Q-tips?! 

Mommy inserting the "stitches" into Wynnie's pumpkin. Notice Wynnie in the background still sampling the Q-tips! 

Wynnie's pumpkin! 

Layne's pumpkin carved by daddy. 

Hayden's pumpkin! 

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