November 1, 2013

Now that The Walking Dead is back on TV this road is a little scarier to run on.....

The girls got to dress up as their future career choice on Wednesday....they both wanted to be bakers! I LOVED it!! 

Sugar and Spice Sweets....get ready!! 

Ladybug practice face paint! 

Bat Girl practice face paint.

Hayden had to do homework sentences using her spelling words. The sentence she came up with was "If you are going to say something mean then don't say it!" Love her! 

Oh Layne. Not only does she not wear pants, but now she wears her heals with no pants....OUTSIDE!! 

Balancing on the beam before soccer practice. 

Such pretty colors, I just had to capture a picture before the real work began! 

Wynnie, my little taste tester. 

The read deal face paint for Halloween night! 

Wynnie got to help daddy drive the truck...for a few seconds until she realized mommy wasn't going to walk next to the car the whole time! 

Halloween candy all sorted and organized~ 

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