December 1, 2011

Baby Bump Week 5

I saw this on a girl's blog and I thought that it was just the cutest idea ever!! Every week I am going to take a picture and write some stuff to baby. One of the most wonderful things about blogging is looking back. I love looking back and remembering everything that I have documented and captured. One day I will be able to sit with baby number three and look back and share all about my pregnancy with them. I just can't wait! 
One thing that Angela said to me when I told her that we were pregnant was that this pregnancy would be special. Since we are pretty sure it will be our last I can focus on every moment and take it all in and enjoy it. And once the baby comes I can enjoy every little "first" that they have since it will probably be my last baby. And since it's our third I kind of know what I am doing, so I won't have to be nervous and stressed about "messing up". I can just take it all in and enjoy the moments and memories. I just love the thought of that and so we begin with week 5! 

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