March 20, 2012

Due Date!?

Well, this precious little girl now has THREE due dates! It's pretty ridiculous is you ask me, but I will try to explain. 
My first due date is July 7th. That is based on the date of my last period (October 1st). The problem with that is that it's based on a normal 28 day cycle. That month I did NOT have a 28 day cycle-that's why I ended up pregnant. My cycle had been "normal" for 6 months but then in October my body just played a little trick on us :) Randomly I had a 45 day cycle. 
My second due date is July 19th (our anniversary). That one is based on the ultrasounds and the measurements of Gwynn. That one seems pretty accurate to me. 
My thrid due date is July 24th. That one is based on the date that I know we conceived Gwynn (October 31st). The reason why we know the date of conception with her is because we (really just Jeremy) were very careful to track my cycle to know when I was ovulating and not ovulating. So that he would know when he really needed to be careful. Problem with that, like I said, was the my cycle was off by 2 weeks and there was no way for us to know that. 
God is just teaching me in another way that I can not control this! We have no idea when sweet Gwynn will come, He does though. We will just wait and trust Him that she will come in His perfect timing. If Gwynn's due date is the biggest problem that I have to be concerned about with this pregnancy that's pretty awesome. And so far it is! I had an appointment today and got to hear her heartbeat and she sounds perfect. 

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House of Collinsworth said...

Noah's birthday...July 7th. :o) That's cool! I have been out of blogland for a to see pics of my baby girl! Thank you for taking such good care of her!