May 25, 2012

Sweet Ella

I can't believe the day is here already! It's our last day with sweet Ella! It's so hard to believe that I've watched her every week day for 10 months. She has just fit right in with our growing family of girls. I honestly don't know what we're going to do without her.....I guess get ready for baby G! 
Here's a shot from one of the first weeks that we kept Ella. What a little bald beauty. Having the girls (especially Layne since she got out of school at noon every day) hang out with Ella has been such a great thing. They are certainly going to be ready to be wonderful big sisters to Gwynn. 

Here's a picture of this little cutie now! Where has the time gone?! We will miss you sweet girl.....
Thank you David and Lisa for trusting me with your precious little girl for these 10 months. 

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House of Collinsworth said...

Can't wait for Gwynn to be here! I know her and Ella will be the best of friends!