July 18, 2012

Photo Adventure of Grandma's Visit

Grandma came into town on July 7th and stayed until today! It's been so great having her around. The girls have just been in absolute heaven spending every waking moment with their grandma! Last night I downloaded all of the pictures that she took while she was here. Here's everything that they were up to while I was home with Gwynn! I think that they went to Cream Berry every day.....well, every day that it was open at least! When they weren't open it was off to Brusters!

They each would get a cone and then just eat the ice cream out. Finally, grandma convinced them to just get a bowl since they didn't like the cone! Silly girls. 

Can you ever get enough ice cream?! 

Pretty sure they went to the library every day too....except for Sunday since it was closed! 

5 books each every visit. Hayden would take her time picking the perfect books that she wanted grandma to read. Layne would just shove the first 5 books that she saw in her bag! 

All that hair! I told Jeremy and my baby bump followers that I really wanted this baby to not only have lots of hair, but to have my color hair. God listened! I am just in love with all of her dark dark brown hair!! 

Pool time every single day....unless we got an afternoon storm. Grandma would just sit out in the sun and bake while the girls stayed cool in the pool. 

This was one of the gifts that Layne picked out for her birthday. Grandma got her a Tangled wig and a magic wand. The wig is just too much! 

As you can see, Layne is in love with her new hair! 

I think that they went bike riding at Hayden's new school at least 3 times. Grandma was even able to teach Layne how to actually pedal! I was so excited at the doctors yesterday when they asked me if Layne could pedal a bike and I could answer "YES"!! 

Grandma said that there were time that she had to run in order to keep up with the girls....they were moving so fast! 

McDonalds a couple times too. I think this was Layne's birthday lunch. I really tried to celebrate her birthday a lot before the actual day since I knew that I'd be out of commission (either VERY pregnant or with a newborn). We had a party at school, a party at Grandma and Pop's, a birthday dinner with Grandma.....I really thought that I had covered it! Well, Monday morning when she woke up she said, "Mommy, so does everyone know to come to the house today for my birthday party?" I tried to explain to her that she already had a party. She just didn't get it. She said, "No, I mean everyone else.....like all of my friends? When are they coming over for my party today?" My heart just broke. I asked mom if she could take the girls out and have a very fun day together.She, of course, said she'd love to. I think called Jeremy in tears and asked him to pick up a special cake for her on his way home from work. 

So, off for an amazingly fun birthday day adventure they went! 

They were going to paint pottery, but the place is closed on Monday and Tuesdays. So instead they went to Chuck E Cheeses! Mom is such a troopers! She said there were a ton of kids there, including a day care! Ugh! 

The girls had an absolute blast though. 

They also went to the library, ice cream, Wal-Mart, Pet Smart, and the park that day!! 
On Tuesday when mom told Hayden that she was going to be leaving to go back to Florida in the morning Hayden looked at me and said, "Oh", burst into tears, and buried her head in my chest. I have never seen her react that strongly about anything. It totally caught mom and I off guard and we both just started sobbing. This visit will not soon be forgotten by any of us. 

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