September 8, 2012

It's That Time Again!

Some of you may recall my post almost two years ago (Go back and check it out! September 14, 2010) when I drove up the driveway to find Jeremy's hunting wardrobe all over the front deck. He even created his own little "man line" out of a metal rod so that he could drape some of the clothes. It was one of those moments when reality hit me........This is MY life. There's another funny one on November 23, 2010 that you should check out! 
Well, yesterday I came walking down the hallway ready to get some stuff done while Gwynn was napping and I about jumped out of my skin! It appeared as if two men dressed in camo were standing on the front porch just looking in the windows. Then I took a closer look and realized it's that time again. Jeremy was preparing for opening weekend again. That means he washes and air dries all of his hunting camo.  It's always nice to get that sudden reminder that I am married to a redneck. I was just telling someone the other day two of my favorite realizations about hunting and rednecks. Not sure if I have ever shared these on the blog or not. 
The first one is from when I lived in Pittsburgh. We lived in Fox Chapel which had a very wooded area (well, it was all wooded!) called Trillium Trail. On the rare ocasions that I ran, I would run through there. Loved it! Anyway, deer love trillium apparently. If you don't have trillium growing in the Trillium Trial then it's just a trail! So, I heard on the news that "they were calling in the hunters to bow hunt the deer" since they were overpopulated and eating all the trillium. At that point in my live I did not actually know anyone that hunted. I assumed that "the hunters" were people that hunted for a profession. I had NO idea that one would kill animals as a hobby! So, in my mind they were calling 1-800-hunters to get the job done! Little did I know that I would not only meet but MARRY a hunter when I moved down to Georgia! 
The other story happened when I moved down to Georgia. I met Jeremy at Heritage Hills at a Friday night concert. Kenneth and Angie actually set us up :) I then saw him again that Sunday when I attended HHBC with Kenneth and Angie. Next thing I knew it was Wednesday of that week and Jeremy was calling me up to see if I'd like company on my road trip to Ohio that weekend! I of course said yes. All of that is important to this story, I promise! So, that Friday I drove to Jeremy's house (he lived with his parents at the time) to pick him up. Keep in mind that I had only known him for ONE week and up to that point there were no indications that he was an outdoors man (aka:redneck). All of that was about to change though! I rang their doorbell and he invited me inside. When I walked into their family room I realized I had been dooped! There were deer heads on the walls! It's a very rustic home so they fit in with the decor very well. Maybe he's not a redneck, maybe they just went to the store and purchased these to "complete the look of the room"?! We headed on out way to Ohio and it was during that road trip that I realized I was bringing a redneck to one of my friends weddings. Not only that, but two of my best friends were about to meet him! 
The other funny part of the story comes when I talked to one of my best buddies from Pittsburgh a month or so later. I was telling him all about Jeremy. Of course I told him that Jeremy hunted and had been born and raised in the south. Here were his questions that followed: 
~Does he drive a beat up pick up truck? Well, it's old but not really beat up
~Does it have a big gun rack with lots of guns on it in the back? NO
~Does he wear overalls? NO
~Does he has a piece of wheat sticking out of his mouth at all times? NO
~Does he has a southern accent? YES
When I was living in Pittsburgh if someone would have told me that I would move to GA and marry and "outdoors man" I would have NEVER believed it. But, I am so glad that this is the way that my live has worked out. God knew what he was doing when He brought me down here and introduced me to my redneck man! I know that I make fun of him for being an outdoors man, but the truth is that I couldn't imagine my life without that southern boy! 

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