September 6, 2012

Bike Ride 'n Jog

This afternoon after snack, homework, and feeding Gwynn we all decided to go to the Horse Park for a jog/bike ride! Yes, I know I'm crazy! It was fun though. 1 jogging stroller, 2 bikes on training wheels, 2 miles, and 1 crazy mommy!
Halfway and we're still smiling! The first mile is a nice downhill slope....but we had to turn around and go back!

Half way up the first hill and Layne had to "fix her shoes and shake her legs". She struggled, but she kept moving! I was proud of her.
Gotta keep hydrated!

"Maybe I can handle this last hill with no shoes mommy." The socks are thanks to Pap! We got a package in the mail from him today....days of the week socks for both girls! They LOVE them!

Finally finished....notice Layne's pose!

When ya gotta go ya gotta go!
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