February 27, 2013

Peas Please

Wynnie loves food....especially table food! Last night it was peas and carrots with a little bread in there too! About half of it ends up in her lap or high chair, but she's learning! 
Yes, Sugar and Spice Sweets now takes credit cards! 
Layne showing us how she flosses her teeth. I honestly don't think that anything would get stuck in between those gappy teeth, but it's good to learn though! She's learning all about fires and her teeth this week at school. Interesting combo! 
This is Hayden's new favorite thing to do on the way home from school. I pick her up first and then we drive about 10 minutes to pick Layner up....that's when she does her homework! She keeps a pencil in her book bag for that very purpose!! I don't know if I told all of you yet, but her teacher emailed me and she's like to have her tested for Program Challenge (the gifted program)! We are super excited, but we haven't even told Hayden. We just don't want her to feel any pressure. We know that she's smart whether she gets into the program or not! 
More peas! Look at that concentration!! 

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