February 24, 2013

Sunny Funday Sunday

What a crazy girl! 
One of her friends from school last year stopped by with her dad to drop something off to me and I called Hayden to come and see her friend....she came running down the back ramp with this on. I was like, "Umm, you may want to take those eyebrows and that mustache off!" She had totally forgotten that they were on! 

Hayden had to do a diarama for a required school wide project. She had to pick a book and then do a project that included the main character and a scene from the story. So, we went to the library on Wednesday night to get A Bad Case of Stripes. It was checked out, so on Thursday we went to the Covington Library to get it. Then today we did the project!! 

Crazy Layner! 

Layne is just soaking in all of this stuff...because next year she'll be doing it all too!! 

It was such a beautiful afternoon. 

The finished project! 

Basically, this girl likes lima beans but she pretends that she doesn't because she wants people to like her and she thinks if they knew she liked lima beans they wouldn't like her. So, all of a sudden one day she get stripes and has to go to school with stripes all over her. Everyone tries to figure out why and all of the remedies don't work. This scene in the book is where the doctors give her lots of pills to take and she turns into a pill! Finally an old lady comes over and advises her to eat lima beans. She does and she turns back to normal! Hayden wanted to add all of the lima beans all around her project. I thought that it was such a great idea! Of course we didn't have lima beans, so we had to run to the store tonight to get them! Project is finished....5 days early too! I think that she did an outstanding job...don't you?! 

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