July 6, 2013

4th of July, Pappy's, Zoo, and Stuff!

Today Nena took the girls and I to the zoo! It was Teddy Bear Picnic day so we were sure to bring our bears! Here's nurse Hayden taking care of her bead. 

And nurse Layne helping to take her bear's temperature. 


Wynnie LOVED the merry go round. 

The girls waiting in line to feed the rhino! Layne decided that she didn't want to....

So Nena and Hayden fed him. 

Layne decided that she didn't want to ride this coaster at the last minute too, so once again it was just Nena and Hayden. They had a blast though!! 

It was SO hot the I bought them bathing suites there so that they could play in the water. 

Caribbean Flamingos! 

They loved watching the manatees. 

This simulated hurricane winds! 

Ice Cream stop to end the wonderful zoo trip! 

And they all fell fast asleep on the way home :) 

We met Johnny at his church tonight. Don't you just LOVE the entrance! The girls did!! 

Hayden and Wynnie went into the kids area while we were in church. Layne stayed with us in the family room. 

Last night we went to Pappy and Nena's for pizza. Wynnie loved these chairs. 

Checking out their new bed in their newly decorated room at Pappy's house! 

Tummy drill!!! 

Gwynn was anxious to get to the beach the other day. 

She was even trying to blow up all of the water wings for us!! 

The storm sent us packing! 

Dance Party at Snoballs! 

I have been running on a running/walking/bike trail down here.....except for the two days that I went to a pack that's .5 miles away from mom's house. The first day at the park I ran in the pouring rain and only made it once around. The next day I had to run 6 miles. That was running to the park, running 5 laps, and running home. That was about all that I could take of that park! So, now I am running on this trail that takes me over the water at one point! Love it. 

4th of July attire! 

We went to Gulf Port for the 4th in the morning. Here's a cute little park that they played on. 

Homemade Popsicles! 

Oh, the new parents gazing at their baby! 

We all went to Snoballs to watch the fireworks on the deck. It was the perfect spot!! 

Wynnie just loved them. She Ooooooed and Ahhhhed 

Mwende's mom keeping Layne warm.

Taking cover since it started to rain....again....halfway through the show.

Huddled under the umbrellas to stay dry.

Don't you love their new shirts!!!??

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