July 8, 2013

Shopping, Drawbridges, and Adventures!

The other day we went on a shopping trip with Aunt September in order to get Snoballs supplies! 

Yesterday we got caught by two different drawbridges in Treasure Island! The girls enjoyed the rare treat. 

Last night we went to Gators for dinner. There were gators EVERYWHERE! 

I was surprised that Layne actually stuck her head in the gator's mouth when I asked her to!! 

Today, Aunt September planned a really fun day for the girls. Dolphin watch, fruity drinks, sand and shell project, and of course a snoball treat! 
The day started with the dolphin watch cruise (that's where it ended for Wynnie and I).....

While we were waiting for the boat Wynnie threw up :( I thought that maybe she'd be ok, so I walked to a store to buy her a new outfit....she threw up again in the store. So, we just ended up going home while the girls did the dolphin cruise with Aunt September. They got to see dolphins!! They day didn't go as planned, but everyone still had a great time (well, maybe not Wynnie!). 

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