July 31, 2013

Road Test: Running Bands!

I have been looking for a quality running headband that actually works for years. My problem is that I was looking in the wrong place! I would get my at the grocery store. Every single one would just slip right out about a quarter of a mile into my run. So, I gave up for a while. 
Last week I decided to pick the search back up. I threw the question out to my facebook friends. There were three brands that people swore by, so I decided that it was time to do a road test to figure out which really does work! 
This was the THIRD one that I tested....Sweaty Bands. They are priced at $15 a piece! No, you don't have to get the "bling" style. They have TONS of different styles. This is the thin one. They make thicker ones. For this test I ran 6 miles in the afternoon. It was raining for about 3 to 4 of those miles and it was SUPER humid. The band stayed in place for all 6 miles, so two thumbs up! 
This was the SECOND one that I tested.....$6 Bands. They are priced between $6-$8 a piece. Once again, they have a lot of different styles, patterns, and sizes! I guess that I just gravitate towards the glitter! For this one I went on a 4 mile run and it stayed in place the entire time. This one was Jeremy's favorite, if that means anything. The thing that I like about this one is that the back is a shoulder bra strap like strap, so you can adjust it. That was pretty cool. I also like the price! Two thumbs up! 
This was the FIRST one that I tested.....Brady Bands. They are priced at $6 a band. And yet again, they have lots of different styles, patterns, and sizes (not as many as the others). I was honestly surprised when these orders arrived and they were all glittery!! I did not remember ordering so much glitter! For those one I ran 11 miles and it did not budge!! The other thing that I LOVE about this one is that a portion of the money goes towards finding a cure for childhood cancer! Can't beat that! Two thumbs up. 
So, I would say that given the fact that they all performed the same I would go with Brady Bands! The price is right and money goes to curing cancer!! 

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